GHV Board considers repurposing building

(Above) Ventura school leaders are considering moving fifth and sixth graders from its Intermediate School into the Junior High building located across the street in Ventura, creating a grades 5-8 Middle School.  The Intermediate building would be used in other ways by the school district.

Community meeting set to discuss moving 5th/6th graders to Junior High building

GHV School leadership will hold a community meeting Wednesday, May 9, to discuss moving grades five and six from the Ventura Intermediate School into the Junior High School Building in Ventura, which currently holds grades seven and eight.

“We are finishing our third year as a merged school district, and over those three years we have heard nothing but positive comments about how the merger has been a beneficial move for students.  We are very proud of our successful merger, and we continue to explore ways to improve learning environments for students,” said Superintendent Tyler Williams.

The potential for moving the students to one building would also save the district money, he said.

The current Junior High building is large enough to house all grades five to eight and would create a five-eight Middle School, which is a very common config-

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