Event brings thousands to enjoy Clear Lake in the winter


It takes a lot to keep snowmobile enthusiasts down.  

Despite a lack of snow and brutally cold temperatures, huge crowds of participants and spectators enjoyed the 4th Annual Iowa Lemans Snowmobile Championship Jack Helgren Memorial Race held over the weekend at Clear Lake State Park.

Following a “warm-up” event Friday based at the V.F.W. in Clear Lake, Saturday’s races were held at Clear Lake State Park for the first time.  

John Helgren, who helps to organize the annual event held in his father’s memory, said the new site was well received and made it easy for many to enjoy the fun.   More than 100 racers participated in Saturday’s races, he said.  Others enjoyed activities on the shore.  

Helgren noted that even though Clear Lake may be thought of as a summertime destination, events like “The Jack” keep people coming back for more.  “And not just for racing but its an economic boost for the surrounding area and to get people out in the winter time to enjoy our activities and what we have to offer,” he told the media.

Monday night Clear Lake Mayor Nelson Crabb read a letter to the Council which he intended to send to Helgren and others who put on “The Jack.”

“It was colorful. It was chaotic (yet controlled).  And, most importantly, it was crowded,” stated the - Read  More Via e-Edition

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