East Main Ave. open to traffic

The barricades have been moved aside to allow traffic to pass onto East Main Ave.  The project began last summer.  -Reporter photo by Chris Barragy

Construction began this summer on the East Main Ave. street reconstruction project and as of this week, the street has been opened for traffic.  The project was expected to be completed by Nov. 3, 2017, so the project was right on schedule.

At its regular meeting on Feb. 20, 2017, the City Council, following a project bid letting in January, awarded the E. Main Avenue Street Reconstruction Project to Wicks Construction (Decorah) in the amount of $809,763.14.  The Engineer’s opinion of the probable cost of construction was $859,873.64.  There were a total of four (4) bids received from among the six (6) general contractors holding Project plans.

The City received grant funding from two separate sources to off-set costs associated with the project.  The City was awarded a $70,000 TAP (Transportation Alternative Program) grant from the Iowa DOT for costs associated with the extension of the bike lanes from S. 24th St. to S. 20th St.  Also, the City was awarded $450,000 in Federal STP funds for the street project.

The project entailed the complete reconstruction of this segment of Main Avenue.  Construction work involved pavement removals; excavation; water, sanitary sewer, storm sewer, sub-drain, storm sewer intakes; aggregate base and new PCC paving with curb & gutter.  The 43’ wide, 0.25 mile stretch of street will include two 5’-wide bike lanes, two 12’-wide travel lanes and on street parking on one side of the street.

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