Drive begins to fund development of a dog park


The Clear Lake Park and Recreation Committee is launching a fund drive to support development of a Dog Park within its Outlet Recreation Complex on 12th Avenue South.

“Since the city is putting a hard surface path in the recreation area it is time to obtain funds for the Dog 

Park,” said P&R Board President Chryl Bergvig.  “Many dog owners use that open area to exercise their dogs, but with the development of the path for walkers, soccer fields, and a disc golf course planned in the future, it is time to relocate the dog area.”

P&R Director Randy Miller noted his department has had a plan for the recreation complex for a number of years and a dog park was part of the plan.  However, some changes have been made to the original view for the area, including the best spot for a dog park.  The board now intends to develop a Dog Park on the southeast corner of the recreation complex, across the creek where adult softball fields were once located.  

Bergvig and Miller said a formal dollar amount for the park has not been determined, but estimates for fencing are approximately $23,000.  Additionally, development of a parking area, landscaping, a gazebo or shelter on site and possible water access will also require funding. -Read More Via e-Edition

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