DNR will host meeting about marina dock Monday

Officials with the Iowa Department of Natural Resources will host a public meeting Monday, Oct. 16, to discuss an expiring variance to the state dock rules.

Under current rules, the 496-foot Sunset Bay Marina dock must revert to standard 300-foot length due to the death of the dock’s owner, Dale Entner.

The Entner family has operated the dock since the 1970s, however under the terms of an agreement Dale Entner signed with the DNR, the dock variance is non-transferable and expired at the time of his death.

Tim Entner is seeking to keep the longer dock, saying boat lift space on the lake is extremely limited.  The potential change in the dock could leave dozens without a boat space next summer.  He has also voiced concerns about safety in the area if his long dock is not providing a landmark to keep boats a safe distance from the Clear Lake State Park Beach.

The Clear Lake Parks and Recreation Department currently has a waitlist of more than 300 persons wanting boat lift spaces on public docks.

The public meeting will be held from 5:30 to 7 p.m. Monday, Oct. 16, at Clear Lake State Park Lodge.

The DNR will also be discussing a dredge soil disposal request for a project at Venetian Village at the meeting.

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