Court will rule on Redstone


A trial date has been set in a case involving the developer of Redstone on North Shore Drive, Clear Lake, and its residents.  A non-jury trial will start at 9 a.m., Oct. 9 in Cerro Gordo County District in Mason City.

Tim Stenberg, developer of Redstone, owns one unit in the building and is fighting a request by residents of the building 

to force the developer to pay insurance for an undeveloped condominium.  According to the bylaws of the condominium association, unfinished and unsold condos are not subject to assessments for insurance and other expenses.

The owners of the other nine condos in the building allege the association does have the right to assess insurance costs against Stenberg. The parties are asking the court to rule on the bylaws.

According to court documents, the developer-owned unit is unfinished and unsold.

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