Council considers digital radar signs in Ventura

The Ventura City Council will hold a workshop session at 7 p.m. tonight (Wednesday, Sept. 19) in the Library Meeting Room to discuss the possible purchase of digital radar signs.  City leaders are considering the digital signs as a way to heighten awareness of slow speed limits through the town.

Residents have been critical of a report, supported by the Council, which would remove stop signs at three locations in the town.  At its Sept. 10 meeting the Council passed the second of three readings to remove signs  on West Lake Street at the Cedar Ridge Court and Third Street intersections, as well as on South Main Street at Marflow Drive. 

A third and final reading and vote on the ordinance change needed for removal of the signs will then follow at the Council’s next meeting Monday, Sept. 24, at 7:30 at the Ventura Library.

Police Chief Greg Peterson told the Council he believes digital radar signs work and suggested placement at the city limits where the speed zone changes.  He reported that a driver’s attention is drawn to the sign and some signs flash a light if the vehicle speed is in excess of the limit. 

Peterson also reported to the Council that his department responded to the wishes of the public and Council and stepped up enforcement of the speed limit on the major routes through Ventura.  He said approximately 60 traffic stops were made in a two-week period, resulting in 11 speeding citations and 10 speed warnings, as well as 22 stop sign citations and eight warnings, along with five other varying citations.  Peterson said officers concentrated on East and West Lake Street for speed violations.  Stop sign violations were at Park Street and Weimer Street.

During the meeting the police chief also suggested city leaders talk to County officials about possibly lowering the speed limit prior to the city limits.  - Read More Via e-Edition

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