Council agrees to make improvements at lake public access


The Clear Lake City Council voted unanimously to pave a 12-foot approach to the 14th Avenue South public access in response to complaints from residents in the area and others about its condition.

The city is seeking quotes for the work, which will also include 14-foot wide grass strips on both sides of the pavement.

And while pleased with the pending improvements, neighbors were soundly turned down when they requested parking be permitted on the access.  

City leaders noted a city ordinance prohibits parking at public accesses to the lake.   

Yaggy Colby Associates’ estimate for the work is $26,420.  City Administrator Scott Flory told the Council one of the affected property owners at the public access has agreed to contribute approximately the cash equivalent of 25 to 30 percent of the estimated cost of construction.

Quotes are due by Aug. 14 and the Council is expected to award the work at its Aug. 19 regular meeting.  A bidding process is not needed for the project because it is under the state mandated bid threshold. 

It is expected that the work will be completed this fall.

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