Construction begins on CL Tel fiber optic network expansion

Construction began Monday on a CL Tel fiber optic network project that will give over 530 more Clear Lake residents and businesses high speed Gigabit Internet service.

Gigabit Internet provides Internet speeds that are up to over 100 times faster than the typical download speed.  With the completion of this section, 90 percent of Clear Lake and all Ventura businesses and residences will have fiber optic access. Remaining residences currently have access to high speed Internet of 50x10 megabytes per second with a goal of having 100 percent Gigabit access by 2019.

Local city and economic development officials have applauded the fiber network expansion as an economic development tool which will help recruit new businesses and retain existing businesses. A greater number of businesses and industries require this kind of high speed communications infrastructure in making a decision to locate in a community as they see it no different than access to roads, railways, water and sanitary sewer, officials said.

  Businesses can be more productive with the high speed Internet, said CL Tel CEO Tom Lovell.  This means faster data transmission between other facilities, speedier credit card transactions, clearer video conferences and webinars and better collaboration with workers off-site.  The higher speeds provide more flexibility for both small and large businesses to work on the go, and they allow access to next generation services.

“A fiber optics network provides the broadband infrastructure that is essential to our community’s and our country’s economic success,” Lovell said.  “We want our local businesses to thrive and our residential customers to have a great communications and entertainment experience at home. ”

It’s also an important key to attracting more families to Clear Lake and Ventura.

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