CLHS teacher inspired students

    A Clear Lake High School teacher is being remembered as a passionate professional with an unwavering resolve to prepare students for life.
    Funeral services will be held Thursday, Sept. 22, for Blake Lobdell, a 25-year science/physics teacher and coach at CLHS. Lobdell, died unexpectedly Sunday.  He was 50.

    “Blake understood that great teaching is not about winning a popularity contest and his ‘tough love’ gained him a tremendous amount of respect from his students,” said CLHS Principal Jay Mathis, who said he had known Lobdell for 12 years.
    Lobdell, a Belmond, Iowa native, joined the CLHS staff in 1986. 
    Lobdell was not only highly regarded among his peers, but by his students. 
    “Yesterday (Monday) was a very difficult day, but students and staff did an exceptional job considering the circumstances,” said Mathis.  “We had 12 additional counselors here from our local churches and the AEA office.”
    Clear Lake High School began honoring its top students with an Academic Excellence Banquet in 1996.  In advance of the banquet, outstanding seniors are invited to name a person who has served as a mentor to them. Lobdell was consistently chosen as a mentor to students throughout the years.
    “He has a genuine care and concern for his students and strives to help every one of us reach our full potential,” said 2009 graduate Holly Thorpe, who called Lobdell her mentor. 
    Graduate Taylor Datema wrote in her Academic Excellence essay that as a freshman, fifth period General Science was one of her most intimidating classes, but as the year went on, she realized she loved science and gives a lot of credit to Lobdell.  “His General Science class grasped my attention in a way I would never have imagined. Through Mr. Lobdell’s Physics class I discovered so much, not only - Read More Via e-Edition

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