Clear Lake Mayor ‘leaning toward’ re-election bid


Clear Lake Mayor Nelson Crabb said he is leaning toward seeking re-election, but is not quite ready to make a formal announcement.

“As the local election season has started to shift into gear, with both school and city elections in the not-so-distant future, I have been asked by many about my intention to seek reelection,” said Crabb.  “At this time, I am inclined to seek an additional term. In the coming weeks, I will make a final determination after ensuring it is a choice my family is comfortable with and that I have sufficient support from the community.  Serving the residents and community in this way is something I have thoroughly enjoyed and has given me an opportunity to give something back to this fine city.”

Crabb said one of his motivating factors is “that I still very much like my job.”  

“It has been an honor and privilege to be the Mayor of Clear Lake.  Once in a while there comes a time when particularly difficult decisions and - Read More Via e-Edition

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