CL teachers seek 8.7 percent package raise

The Clear Lake Education Association presented its initial bargaining proposal to the Clear Lake School Board Monday. The CLEA is seeking an 8.7 percent salary and benefit increase for the 2014-15 school year contract.

Seven percent of the total is a salary increase on the generator base, adding $2,100 to the regular base and raising it from $29,863 to $31,963. Supplemental pay would also increase by 7 percent, from $25,042 to $26,803.

CLEA leaders state that despite enroll count being down 36.1 students, actual enrollment served is only down four students, thanks to open enrollment and triton students.  The CLEA also claims the district will receive multiple sources of addition funding next year totaling approximately $354,000 of new money to the district.  

“The percentage of the budget dedicated to district salaries has declined each of the last five years and is below the state average,” the group stated in its proposal.  

All high school head sports, fine arts and other activities coaches/directors would receive a 12 percent increase, while middle school staff in similar positions would receive a 6 percent increase.

The School Board is scheduled to make its opening proposal to the CLEA Monday, March 3.

School calendar

In other business Monday, the Board tabled a decision on its 2014-15 school calendar.  After discussing the new option of calculating hours versus days in school, the Board said it needed more time to consider a change. 

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