CL School Board, superintendent respond to Ventura meeting

Editor’s Note: As a follow-up to Monday’s Community Meeting in Ventura, Clear Lake Superintendent Anita Micich and the Clear Lake Board of Education prepared the following statement:


It is important for our Clear Lake community to know that as recently as this past school year, the Clear Lake Board of Education initiated conversations with Ventura leadership (Board and Superintendents) to meet informally to discuss current sharing, programming and future possibilities.   This resulted in a follow-up meeting with the Superintendents from Ventura, Garner-Hayfield and Clear Lake about what might be possible for future opportunities in programming, sharing, etc.  The outcome of this meeting was that the superintendents would continue to work together and determine what options might be possible during this next fall and school year.   Our hope would be that with the unexpected change in leadership for Ventura that these conversations with the shared superintendent for Ventura and Garner-Hayfield could still occur.
    For several years the Clear Lake Community School District has provided Nurse services and also Talent Development Services under 28E agreements so that the Ventura CSD could meet the state requirements.  In addition Clear Lake, Ventura and Garner-Hayfield already share - Read More Via e-Edition

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