CL Police Chief announces retirement plans

Clear Lake Police Chief Greg Peterson says he will retire from the CLPD effective April 30, 2014.  

Peterson, who came to Clear Lake in November 2006 to lead the CLPD, said he intends to remain in the community and will likely stay involved with the department a few hours each week as it  transitions through City Hall 

renovations which will more than double the size of the police station.

Peterson said he was looking to lead a department in a larger community when he became interested in the Clear Lake opening back in 2006.  He quickly realized Clear Lake was a “unique and special community” and was pleased to be chosen from six candidates interviewed for the position.

“It’s a busy community.  Clear Lake certainly does not sit still.  It’s always moving ahead,” he said.

During the interview process for the chief position, Peterson recalls being asked how long he envisioned holding the post.  He responded that a seven to 10-year commitment would be likely, given his age and years in law enforcement.

January 15, 2014 marks his 40th year in the field.

“The time seems right,” said Peterson, adding that he accepted the Clear Lake job with a goal of upgrading technology and raising professionalism, training and performance within the department.  He also wanted to plan and oversee the expansion of the department through the remodeling process at City Hall. 

Under his tenure police weapons have been standardized, with officers now all carrying 45 caliber Glocks, as well as rifles.  Tazers were also introduced to the CLPD artilerary about five years ago, he noted.  Various technology purchases and upgrades have also been made within the department.

“The public is lucky to have such a professional and dedicated police department,” he said, noting that while there has been some degree of change on the City Council over the years, the city’s support of the department has been steady.

The remodeling of City Hall will provide the department with a station which is more safe, and accessible to the community, he added.  “When I came to Clear Lake I expected the remodeling to happen sooner, but I am pleased with it moving 

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