City readies plans for next water tower project


A public hearing will be held July 1 to discuss the city’s next water tower project.

A 1 million gallon elevated water tower is proposed to replace a 250,000 gallon tank in the Four Winds area on the northwest side of Clear Lake.  The new water tower, estimated to cost $1.95 million, will be 

constructed just a few hundred yards from the existing tower.  After the smaller tower is removed that land, measuring about one-quarter acre, will be sold.

The proposed new tower will be similar to the one constructed in 2007-2008 located on S. 24th Street.  That tower also has a 1 million gallon tank.

City Administrator Scott Flory noted it has been the City’s intention that rather than conducting costly maintenance on the three multi­legged towers in the community, it would be more cost effective to construct a new one million gallon tower to be built in a single location to ultimately replace all three of the multi­legged towers (which have a combined capacity of one million gallons).  The city’s eventual pair of 1 million gallon towers will replace the three former towers.  The recently dismantled City Beach water tower held 500,000 gallons; the northwest tower and south tower still in use by the City each hold 250,000 gallons. - Read More Via e-Edition

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