City pursues ambulance purchase

The Clear Lake City Council heard a request Monday for the purchase of a new ambulance.  The vehicle would replace one of two units the city purchased in 2005.

City Administrator Scott Flory reported that in recent months the 2006 Ford F450, one of two ambulances the city purchased in 2005, has experienced significant engine and other mechanical problems that make it unfit for 

further use as an emergency response unit.  The City fire chief and mechanic solicited input from a variety of sources regarding a potential replacement unit.

According to Flory,  the City has been allocating $20,000 annually into an ambulance replacement reserve fund. The fund currently has an accumulated balance of $80,000 and a projected June 30, 2013 ending balance of $100,000.

He recommended that the City purchase a new 2013 Lifeline Type I modular ambulance with a Ford F-450, 4-wheel drive chasis with a 6.7 liter turbo diesel motor, and new patient car module. The cost of the proposed new replacement ambulance is approximately $153,000.  

Delivery of the new unit is expected in four months. The ambulance dealer has agreed to provide the City with a loaner to use at no additional cost.

In other business Monday, a public hearing was held to discuss purchase of a new generator for the City Hall building, including the police station.  The generator is one of the major capital items in the city’s 2013 budget.   

The City recently had a feasibility report prepared by an electrical engineering consultant that examined the existing conditions and made a recommendation regarding improvements. The report recommends replacement of the aged emergency back­up generator with a new diesel powered generator and automatic transfer switch, as well as an electrical service upgrade, from 400 amps to 600 amps, to the building to accommodate both existing and future needs.  Estimated cost of the project is $160,000.

The Council set a hearing on the plans, specifications, form of contract and estimate of cost for Oct. 1.  Bid letting is slated for Oct. 15, with consideration of an award of contract Oct. 15.   The project completion date is Jan. 31, 2013.

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