City eyes improvements to public lakeshore areas


Clear Lake City Council members responded favorably to a variety of ideas presented for improvements along much-used North Lakeview Drive, the Sea Wall and City Beach areas.

Pat Dunn, of RDG Planning and Design, Omaha, Neb., shared proposed designs for the popular public areas.  The concepts 

were developed after a series of public workshops and meetings with local City and Chamber representatives.  In addition, about 50 persons submitted comments using an on-line survey.

“We had good public participation and heard the public loud and clear on a number of points,” said Dunn.  Chiefly, public sentiment favored preserving the Sea Wall and City Park uniqueness and maintaining green space that can accommodate a mix of programs.

Improvements proposed in the Sea Wall area were minimal, but considered important by City leaders.  They included creating three pedestrian crossing zones tying the Sea Wall to City Park and the Bandshell.  The crossings would be made more visible by using brick pavers.  Seating would also be improved and the walkway along the Sea Wall would be widened.

The planner said there is also room to create a bicycle lane between the street and the pedestrian walkway along the Sea Wall.  The existing angled parking would not be changed, however Dunn noted moving bike traffic out of the street and onto a dedicated path would be much safer.

Recommendations for the

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