City Council gets first look at plan to remodel City Hall


The Clear Lake City Council got its first look at a City Hall renovation which will bring the Parks and Recreation Department to City Hall and more than double the size of the police Department.

Architect Randy Cram, of Bergland + Cram in Mason City, shared a layout which his office developed, along with Police Chief Greg Peterson over the past year.  The plan increases not only the energy 

efficiency and safety of the 50-plus year-old building, but will improve operating efficiency, he said.

Cost estimates for the nine to 10-month project are roughly $1.3 to $1.8 million, according to Cram.

Council members will now look over the recommended plan and are expected to enter into a professional agreement with Bergland + Cram at their next meeting.  Cram anticipates bid letting would occur in late fall or early winter, with work occurring throughout 2014 in phases.

“It’s not a glamourous project and there’s not a lot of bells and whistles, but it will provide some real benefits,” said Cram.  “The building is in excellent shape for a 50-year-old building, but it needs upgrades common for its age.  Things like windows and a new roof, insulate exterior walls and new mechanical systems.”

The project has been on the city’s wish list for a number of years and was identified in the most recent strategic planning session as the city’s number one priority, according to City Administrator Scott Flory.  

Council members noted that they have been saving money for the project and will complete it without any bond referendum or tax increase to support it.

The major piece-- and driving force behind the project, is the need for the police department to expand its working space.  

Construction of the new fire station allowed for the CLFD to relocate its equipment to its new facility, making the approximate 2,500 square foot former fire garage available for expansion.  - Read More via e-Edition

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