City Council approves radio upgrade for police; new vehicle for K-9 officer


The Clear Lake City Council has given its approval to proceeding with plans for an upgrade of the police department’s radio system, as well as a new emergency back-up generator for City Hall.

City Administrator Scott Flory reviewed the proposed Public Safety Radio Communications System Upgrade and stated that several years ago, the FCC ordered all public safety agencies to upgrade their radio systems to 12.5 kHz technology and that public agencies were to convert to a narrower band by Jan. 1, 2013.  Chief Peterson 

reviewed the proposed project specifications and stated that any two-way radios that the City has purchased since 1998 already have the ability to operate in both the wide and narrowband modes and that those radios may only require re-programming and re-licensing as a result of the upgrade.

The Council is requesting sealed bid proposals to be opened on Sept. 27.  The bids will be reviewed at the following regular Council meeting.

Flory also reviewed the proposed City Hall/Police Department Emergency Generator Replacement Project with Council members.  He stated that one of the major capital items in the proposed fiscal year 2013 budget was the replacement of the old emergency back-up generator at City Hall/Police Department.  The current gasoline powered generator is a 1974 vintage and does not have an automatic transfer switch.

Harry Doyle, of Modus Engineering, recommended replacement of the current emergency back-up generator with either a new natural gas or diesel powered generator and automatic transfer switch, as well as an electrical service upgrade from 400 amps to 600 amps, to the building to accommodate both existing and future needs.  The Council authorized the preparation of plans and specifications. 

In other business, the purchase of a 2013 Chevrolet two-wheel drive Tahoe for - Read More Via e-Edition

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