City: Assessment bills finally on the way for 2011 street project

Property owners within the 10th Avenue North Street Reconstruction Project area will soon be getting their assessment bills for the work, some three years after the project began.

At its regular meeting Monday night, the Council initiated the final steps in the special assessment process.

The Council approved the construction contract for the project with Wick’s Construction, of Decorah, in July 2011.  Wick’s bid of  $561,186.22, was the lowest of several bidders for the work and more than 10 percent below the engineer’s estimate of the probable cost of construction, $628,000.  The City received an STP grant in the amount of $343,000 from the Iowa DOT to construct the project and after change orders the revised contract amount was $572,098.61. The total value of work actually completed was $569,403.65.

Jason Petersburg, project engineer from Veenstra & Kimm, said the state’s involvement with the work and required paperwork slowed the closing of the work, however he has now filed the “Certificate of Completion” with the City. He will file the Final Plat and Schedule of Assessments  with the City Clerk by mid-month and the Council is expected to then consider a Resolution “Adopting the Final Assessment Plat & Schedule of Assessments” at its regular meeting on May 19.   After the public notice has been published on May 28 and June 4, notices to affected property owners will be sent in the mail on May 29. Certification of the final collection of assessments will be made to the County Treasurer by June - Read More Via e-Edition

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