Cerro Gordo County turns out in large numbers for election day


By Scott Watson

Cerro Gordo County was busy at the polls Tuesday, Nov., 6 with the 2012 Presidential and General Elections, turning out more than 14,000 voters on Election Day, and another 9,500 voting absentee. 

Following the Iowa and national trends, Cerro Gordo also voted in favor of Barack Obama with 13,204 votes, while giving Mitt Romney 10,084. Nationally, President Obama and Joe Biden received 53,138,271 popular 

votes (303 electoral), compared to Romney and Paul Ryan’s 52,474,539 popular votes (206 electoral). 

The U.S. Representative 4th District race between Christie Vilsack and Steve King resulted in Vilsack winning Cerro Gordo County by over 3,000 votes; but that wasn’t enough to win as King took 55 percent of the votes overall, allowing him to keep his seat in the U.S. House.

Surrounding townships have counted their ballots for local elections as well. Henry H. Bokelman and Paul Menke were elected as Clear Lake Township Trustees. LaVerne Lee and Mark Kragel were elected as Grant Township Trustees. Charles Norris was elected as Lincoln Township Trustee, while Gene Hinrichs was voted in as Union Township Trustee. 

Elected to the Soil and Water Conservation Commission was Kenneth Nelson, Scott Kennedy and Neil Foster. 

Timothy R. Clark, and John R. Miller were elected as the Clear Lake Sanitary District Trustees. Miller received the most votes with 2,244, followed by Clark with 2,078.  Rodger Nordman received 1,582 votes.

Jay Urdahl received the most votes in the Board of Supervisors 1st District race with 4,756 votes.  He defeated Kyle Klinksiek who received 1,648 votes.  In the 3rd District race, Phillip Dougherty defeated Chris Watts.  Dougherty received 4,294 votes to Watts’ 3,145.

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