Business plans bring honors for Lake teen

by Marianne Morf

At age 17, Kayla Kearns isn’t exactly a business mogul.  She is, however, a girl with a plan.  

Make that two plans.  And they are both winners.

Kayla, a senior at Clear Lake High School, has been named by the Jacobson Institute for Youth Entrepreneurship as the winner of its fall 2013 Quick Pitch Biz Competition.   She was awarded first place from 

among 145 entries and received a $1,500 prize for her All Aluminum Egress Window Well and Laser Cue presentations.

The award was both a surprise and continued inspiration for Kayla, who says she and her family often talk about ideas for new products which can solve problems.  For instance, the Laser Cue is a line laser mounted onto a pool stick to help players, like Kayla, her brother and parents, improve their stroke.   

“It was just an idea that seemed simple, but effective,” said Kayla.  “That’s how a lot of our ideas turn out.”

The All Aluminum Egress Window Well has already evolved from being a good idea to a good product being -Read More Via e-Edition

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