Board approves drug dog use in schools

Letters are being sent to parents of Clear Lake Middle and High School students advising them of the school district’s plan to allow local law enforcement to use canines to search school buildings for illegal substances.

The canine training activity has been in discussion for more than a year and the letter to parents about the measure was 

approved at Monday’s School Board meeting, pending review by the district’s attorney.

Searches of the entire High School/Middle School campuses, including student parking areas, will be random and unannounced, according to an agreement reached between the district and law enforcement officials.  An administrator will accompany each canine and their trainer around the area they are searching.

“This is a collaborative agreement between Clear Lake Police Department and the school district,” explained High School Principal Chris Murphy.  “The CLPD will have the opportunity to train their canine and the district will add another preventative measure to keep schools safe and drug free.”

The  CLPD will coordinate the training that will involve canine units from other law enforcement agencies since the middle school/high school campus is too large for one dog to search the entire facility.  During the time that the canines are on school campus, the entire campus will be under- Read More Via e-Edition

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