Asbe will retire after 30 years with police force


After serving 30 years with the Clear Lake Police Department, Officer Ken Asbe will be retiring on Jan. 31. 

Asbe was hired by the Clear Lake Police Department in May 1983.  Prior to that, the Mason City High School graduate attended North Iowa Area Community College and took classes in law enforcement.  He was 

employed as a  summer water’s officer for the Iowa Conservation Commission in 1981.  In 1982, those duties also included serving as a fish and game officer for the Department of Natural Resources in the fall.

During his time at the Clear Lake Police Department, he served nine years in the North Central Iowa Special Operations Team.  This is a tactical team used in high risk arrests by area departments. He also served as the firearms instructor for the police department for many years.

When asked if there was any specific memories that came to mind as he thought back on his career, Asbe commented that being atop the water tower next to City Park in September of 2004 stands out in his mind.  At that time  he was posted on the tower by the Secret Service to protect Vice President Dick Cheney as he spoke at City Park.

“It seems fitting that the water tower is soon to follow him into retirement after serving the community for - Read More Via e-Edition

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