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Ryg leaves for FBI National Academy

by Marianne Morf


Police Lieutenant Deb Ryg has recorded another professional first.  

The first woman on the Clear Lake police department has now become the first Clear Lake police officer to be invited to attend the FBI National Academy at Quantico, Va.  Ryg left last week to begin a 10-week course of study.  She will concentrate on management studies.

Police Chief Greg Peterson nominated Ryg for acceptance into the prestigious academy.  FBI National Academy graduates make up less than one percent of the country’s law enforcement officers.

“It’s quite an honor,” Peterson said, noting only six Iowans are selected each year for the academy.  He submitted her nomination 

two years ago, feeling that she was deserving and committed to continuing her development as an officer of the law.  Peterson, who himself graduated from a similar academy,  added that he plans to make the trip to Virginia to attend Ryg’s graduation  June 14.  He hopes to be joined by additional city leaders.

“I’m nervous, but excited,” said Ryg before packing her bags to leave Thursday.  “Leaving my family for such a long period of time will be tough, but they are understanding.”  

In fact, her husband, Ryan, who is also a police officer, and three children recognize her devotion to her career.  They have been supportive of her 15-years of service on the Clear Lake police force and quest to earn a Bachelor of Science Degree in Criminal Justice Administration from Waldorf College. Her participation in the FBI National Academy will put the finishing touches on that degree and wrap up a two-year commitment to traveling to Forest City four days a week for classwork.

Ryg says her uptime goal would be to become a chief some day, but notes that she enjoys patrolling.  During the past one and one-half years she has primarily been scheduled to work the night shift, due to her school schedule, but she adds that she enjoys the excitement of the calls which generally occur during those hours.

“I always knew-- since high school anyway-- that I wanted to go into law enforcement,” she said.  “I always respected the police and the job they do and I was fortunate to have great training.” 

Ryg graduated from Clear Lake High School and received her law enforcement degree at North Iowa Area Community College.  She did her internship in her hometown under the direction of - Read More Via e-Edition

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