Absentee ballots ready for Nov. 8 City Election

    Absentee ballots are now available for all cities in Cerro Gordo County for the Nov. 8,  Regular City Election.
     An eligible and registered voter may vote an absentee ballot in person at the office of the county auditor, or may submit a written request for an absentee ballot to be mailed to the voter.  A written request must include the voter’s name, date of birth, registration address, signature, and the name of the election (regular city election) or date of the election (Nov. 8, 2011).

    Written requests for absentee ballots should be addressed to the Cerro Gordo County Auditor, 220 N Washington Ave, Mason City, Iowa 50401.  Requests should be mailed soon enough to allow the voted absentee ballot to be received back in the office of the county auditor by Election Day.
    Regular courthouse hours are 8 a.m. to 4:30 p.m., and a voter may cast an absentee ballot in person on any regular business day prior to Election Day.
     Persons with questions about absentee voting, voter registration, or the Nov. 8, 2011 Regular City Election may contact the office of the county auditor at 421-3041, or visit - Read More Via e-Edition

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