A record-setting Fourth

 A perfect storm of circumstances-- minus the storm, resulted in a record-setting Fourth of July celebration in Clear Lake.

Tim Coffey, executive director of the Clear Lake Area Chamber of Commerce which puts on arguably the state’s largest holiday festival, said the perfect alignment of days and weather resulted in huge crowds throughout the five-day extravaganza.

 “There were phenomenal crowds and everything seems to have gone very well,” said Coffey. “We have assessed and estimated the crowd as over 100,000 for the entire week.” Coffey noted Saturday night’s crowd in City Park, which enjoyed a free concert by Arch Allies, was estimated at 7,000 people. “I can’t tell you how many times people said they have never experienced crowds that size in Clear Lake.”
 The crowds translated to a record carnival, based on receipts, for Evans United Shows.
 “Everything went very well and it was another great stay in Clear Lake,” said owner Tom Evans. “We thank the Chamber and everyone who worked so hard to get ready for a great event. We love coming to Clear Lake and enjoyed seeing all of our friends.”
 Coffey said he was especially pleased the weather cooperated because Evans United Shows had just experienced rain in four out of five days spent at Cresco.
Heavy spring and early summer rains which have made lakes in Minnesota less desirable may have also played a part in the large number of boaters who enjoyed Clear Lake over the long holiday weekend. “Some suggested flooding in Minnesota drove them here and I think that makes sense,” added Coffey.
The fact that the holiday fell on a Friday also gave people more time to spend in Clear Lake. By Thursday the town was full of visitors.
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