A friend in deed



Duesenberg honored for work with families

by Marianne Morf

Clear Lake families have a good friend in Sally Duesenberg.

Academic, economic, behavioral, social or emotional needs-- they are all her concern as Student and Family Services Coordinator for the Clear Lake School

 District.   And all of those areas take her well beyond the school walls.

“I’m not successful at what I do without a team of people working with me,” said Duesenberg.  “We live in such a supporting community, with organizations, businesses and churches that support our families in so many ways.  It makes me so happy to coordinate services that families identify as needs.”

To meet those needs, Duesenberg said she does her best to develop relationships with all families in the district. It’s a goal that stretches beyond the 8-4 school day, or nine-month school calendar.  It’s a school district position with community-wide contact.  

Her typical day includes significant time spent outside the school building meeting with groups offering a variety of services.   Duesenberg stresses she does not sign up families for help.  She is the coordinator, not the provider.

“We want to empower and support them in making the choices they see as best,” she said.  “Sometimes I work with families for just a short time, introducing them to a person or program they may not have known about.  Other times it’s for a longer period and I have developed some pretty special relationships with some families, as well as those in the community who provide services.

Brigid Christianson, who spends a few days each week as an on-site therapist  in Clear Lake Schools, said she has seen the impact of Duesenberg’s friendly, helpful work with families.

“Sally does an exceptional job of bringing everyone together to - Read More Via e-Edition


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