$4 million placed in budget for possible addition to Clear Creek

The proposed Clear Lake School District budget includes $4 million for construction of an addition to Clear Creek Elementary School.  The expansion would make it possible to move preschoolers out of the Sunset School location and into a new pod at Clear Creek.

According to Superintendent Doug Gee, no bond issue would be needed for the project; sales tax dollars would fund the construction.

“The legislature is being pushed for the expansion of sales tax and I think that flexibility in spending is good,” said Gee, acknowledging that the school funding formula is complex and compartmentalized.  “I think they are giving us what they can.  They are giving power to elected School Boards to use sales tax dollars in the ways they think best help their districts.”

Gee said he feels money needed for repairs and upgrades at the Sunset School building would be better spent for new construction at Clear Creek which would bring all of the district’s preschool through fifth grade students to one building.

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