New medical clinic under construction

(Above) A conceptual drawing of the new Waypoint Medical building under construction on Highway 122 on the site of the former Cancun restaurant.

by Michelle Watson

A new medical clinic is coming to Clear Lake.

QVS Medical Consulting was founded in 2015 by Clear Lake native John Brady, DO, and Lenise Kollasch, BSN, RN.  Brady will serve as C.E.O. and Kollasch as C.O.O.

“We started out promoting patient-centered healthcare strategies and solutions to smaller hospitals and community health centers using proven Population Health initiatives,” explained Brady.  “Our goal is to provide tremendous quality, value and service to all aspects of today’s healthcare consumer. While we continue to engage in this important work with organizations across the Midwest, we are ready to bring that experience to patients directly here in Clear Lake.”

The new clinic will be called Waypoint Medical and it is located at 1801 Highway 18 E., Clear Lake.  The location provides easy access from the highway and Interstate 35.

Waypoint Medical, which is anticipating opening in February 2020, will offer extended and weekend hours,  with full lab and x-ray capabilities to care for patients of all ages, whether it is for an acute or chronic need.  The clinic will provide family practice, as well as urgent care needs.

Waypoint Medical is an independent provider and is not affiliated with any other hospital or organization.

Atura Architecture, Clear Lake, put the vision for Waypoint Medical into a plan which is now being built by Dean Snyder Construction.

“We had a contest to name the business and Waypoint medical was chosen,” said Brady.  “A ‘waypoint’ is a stopping point or point when a course has changed.  That is a perfect example of what we hope to provide. A place for patients to stop for urgent care needs, as well as a location to chart a path towards better health.”

Waypoint Medical will have one to three medical providers on site and a clinical support team of 12-15.

Clear Lake is just a beginning for Waypoint Medical, as they hope to duplicate the facility in other communities.

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