It’s time to celebrate the holiday! Don’t forget your patience

It’s the most wonderful — sometimes frustrating time of the year!  The Fourth of July holiday celebration is upon us and city officials are doing their best to make sure everyone is as prepared as possible for large crowds.

“We are all excited to be able to celebrate the 4th of July in person. As we have seen with other Clear Lake summer events, people are attending in large numbers. We ask everyone to be patient with traffic and watch for parking signs and barricades,” said Clear Lake Police Chief Pete Roth.  

In an effort to keep the public informed of relevant information, the department is utilizing all media.  Social media accounts (@clearlakeiapd) will be updated as needed.  If you are unsure about parking in a certain area, you are asked to call the CLPD dispatch center at 641-357-2186.

“Since we all may be a little out of practice, we wanted to remind everyone of the road closures and restricted parking around City Park (see picture). North Lakeview Drive residents will need a permit to park on city streets in the yellow highlighted areas (which extends to 4th Avenue North). To receive a permit, contact Capt. Mike Colby at 641-355-4402 or by email 

Enforcement will begin today (Wednesday, June 30).

The CLPD also advises the public to not drive around or move traffic barricades without authorization.  

The parade will take place on Monday, July 5. A separate map for that event will be posted later this week.

“Have fun, be safe, and leave the fireworks to the professionals,” added Roth.

As a reminder, the Clear Lake City Ordinance prohibits the use of explosive and aerial fireworks even though you may purchase these types of items locally. Those charged with using fireworks may be cited and subject to a $250 fine.

When calling the police department about a firework complaint, callers should note the incidence is not 911 call-worthy unless it involves life safety.  “Increased calls to the dispatch center for these types of non-life-threatening incidents can overburden the 911 lines. Callers for true emergencies have longer wait times for their calls to be answered,” said Roth.

The Clear Lake Police Department’s non-emergency dispatch phone number is 641-357-2186 and is answered 24-hours a day, seven days a week.

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