It’s official: Lake is ‘Iced-In’

Only one day earlier than last year

“Ice-In” was officially declared on Clear Lake Tuesday morning, Nov. 12.

Water Department Superintendent Adam Theiss said he was “surprised, but not surprised” to make the announcement.

“Monday’s winds kept ice from forming, but the cold snap eventually locked the shore in with ice.  I wouldn’t walk out on it, but I could stand on ice all the way around the lake,” said Theiss.

“Ice-In” means you cannot put in or take out a boat from any shore.

The last lake level taken this year on Nov. 5 had the lake +4.92 inches above the weir.

This year’s Ice-In date is just one day earlier than last year.  The earliest Ice-In date on record is Nov. 4, 1991; the latest on record is Dec. 24, 2001.

For those who are already looking forward to “Ice-Out,” the earliest date that has occurred is March 5, 1931.  The latest was April 28, 1951.

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