Saturday 23 May 2015


Residential Residential
Entries: (103)
Single Family Dwellings
Residential Out Of Town Residential Out Of Town
Entries: (20)
Single family dwellings outside of Clear Lake.
Off-Shore Cottages Off-Shore Cottages
Entries: (1)
Small properties not located on the lake.
Lakeshore Lakeshore
Entries: (36)
Single family dwellings on the lake.
Lake Access Lake Access
Entries: (13)
Single family dwellings with access to the lake.
Commercial Commercial
Entries: (21)
Any property for commercial use.
Building Lots Building Lots
Entries: (33)
Empty lots available for new construction.
Condominiums & Twin Homes Condominiums & Twin Homes
Entries: (36)
Condos and Twin Home properties
Acreages & Farmland Acreages & Farmland
Entries: (21)
Homes located on an acreage or empty farmland.