Sunday 24 May 2015

Public improvements requested at Lincoln school site


   Developers of the former Lincoln School property are asking the city to make roughly $121,500 in public improvements to the site to facilitate its development.
    Mike Danburg, of Yaggy Colby Associates, presented information to City Council members meeting in workshop session Monday night. 
    Danburg, along with Gary Veeder from The Green Group which purchased the site, suggested the city consider abandoning a water line which runs through the southeast

portion of the property and uncharacteristically includes several kinks and bends.  Developers would also like the  curb and gutter along the 3rd Avenue side of the property restored, along with the sidewalk.  The area was cut back into the property a number of years back to provide parking for the school.  Three water hydrants are also proposed, with the endorsement of the city’s fire chief.  Previously, two fire hydrants were located on the school building, which is now being readied for demolition.
    City Administrator Scott Flory said city leaders budgeted some money for the public improvements on 3rd Avenue in its amended 2012 budget and called the proposed development plans an opportunity to simplify some existing lines and improve water pressure in the area.
    Veeder told the Council the majority of the work is needed before the Lincoln Village Development can proceed.  He said work is progressing on the first six units of the development.  Those are located within the newest building addition to the former Lincoln School.  From there, two twin homes adjacent to the six-plex will be re-worked.  The developers then plan to build 12 garage units on the northeast corner of the 4.25 acre site.  Once work is done on the 3rd Avenue site, units will be developed across the east side. The final phase for the 19-unit development would be four units constructed where the original 1926 school building stands along 8th Street.
    If the city is not willing to make the vast majority of the public improvements all at once, Veeder said his group would need to re-think its - Read More Via e-Edition