Highway Patrol lends a hand by working for tips

By Craig Rule

Usually, we might hear “friendly” tips from our Iowa State Highway Troopers like:  “You were going a bit fast for the speed limit, Ma’am.  We’d rather you get to your destination safely instead of carelessly quick,” or “Sir, you missed that stop sign at the last intersection.  It is there to prevent accidental injury to you and other folks.”  And they would write a small report to remind you of your infraction when you appear in court.

Because of the Seven Stars Family Restaurant’s proximity to Interstate 35 on 4th Avenue South, it makes a convenient location for Iowa Troopers taking a coffee or lunch rest break.  However, on Saturday, Oct. 27, some of these men and women took their day-off to serve the public in a very personal and special way.  They filled coffee cups, delivered meal orders, and chatted with the customers at the very busy family restaurant that day.

The Clear Lake-Ventura Food Pantry was one recipient of more than $1,500 due to the success, generosity and the cooperation of the Patrol.  Restaurant management donated all the proceeds of the day’s event, two waitresses contributed 100 percent of their tips, and the other wait staff shared half of their tips to this unique service fundraiser.

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