Governor issues multiple emergency declarations

by Travis Fischer

The outbreak of COVID-19, an infectious disease caused by a novel strain of Coronavirus, continues to spread across the state, resulting in a continuing escalation of containment measures from the state government.

As of Monday, March 23, there were 105 positive cases of COVID-19 confirmed in Iowa, spiking up from 23 cases the week prior. While most of the initial cases in the state were the result of returning passengers from an infected cruise ship, on March 14 it was confirmed that the virus had achieved “community spread,” meaning it was being transmitted through the population without an identifiable source.

“Due to the detection of community spread, there are new recommendations for individuals with underlying conditions and all Iowans should be prepared for cancellations and disruption,” said Governor Kim Reynolds during a March 14 press conference. “Mitigation measures should be implemented immediately to have the most significant impact on slowing the spread of the virus.”

At the state level, Reynolds has provided frequent updates on the spread of the virus and the state’s increasing efforts to combat it. On March 15, the governor recommended that all schools in Iowa close down for four weeks. Since 

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