GHV Middle School in Ventura will close

GHV Superintendent Tyler William answers questions about the district’s pending budget cuts at a Feb. 4 community meeting. Also pictured are school board members Jack Toppin, Pam Roberts, Kim Upmeyer, Board President Steve Watson and Jay Larkin. -Photo by Rebecca Peter | The Leader.

by Rebecca Peter

The Garner-Hayfield-Ventura School Board voted Monday night to move students in grades five to eight from its middle school building in Ventura to Garner. 

The vote followed a public meeting held Feb. 4 at which Superintendent Tyler Williams told district patrons the school district is facing an estimated $850,000 in budget cuts for the 2020-21fiscal year.  Williams told a packed high school auditorium that the 2020-21 budget year will be “the year we need to dig deep” to end annual cuts of $200,000, $300,000, $400,000, etc.”

Reductions will be made in the areas of personnel, transportation, and use of facilities - including moving grades five to eight from the three-story building at Ventura, to the current Pre-K-4 elementary building at Garner.

At its Monday meeting, Williams recommended the elimination of 13 full-time certified staff positions.  However, two early retirements and six resignations were unanimously approved by the board at the meeting.  A seventh resignation is pending, meaning at least nine positions will be filled through attrition.

It appears four certified staff will still need to be 

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