Frederick Clausen

A remembrance and memorial celebration for Frederick Fritz Clausen, open to the public, is to be held 3 p.m., on Wednesday, Oct. 28, 2015,  at Clausen’s Cove, Clear Lake.

Fritz’ family and friends are encouraged to join the remembrance and to share personal recollections, tales, stories and legends related to Fritz and his family.

The Clausen house (Fritz’ grandfather’s home) will also be open to family and friends at 6 p.m. for further fellowship, sharing, and socializing. A photographic story board is planned to inspire more recollections and tales.  Any and all attendees are encouraged to participate, sharing memorabilia and memories, so Fritz may be celebrated as he would have preferred

No flowers please, contributions may be made to the Clausen Living History Museum, c/o the Clausen Family Trust, contact Ms. Sue Price, Clear Lake Bank and Trust.

On Nov. 1, a short memorial service will be held at the Clear Lake Congregational Church and a social gathering will follow, potluck items gratefully accepted.

A portion of Fritz’ ashes will be spread on Clear Lake, with the remainder to be interred in the Clausen family plot.

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