Damage reported, but tornado misses CL

The roof from a golf cart shed at Veterans Memorial was lifted to the parking lot by a storm which ripped through the area Tuesday night, April 12. -Reporter photo by Chris Barragy.

by Marianne Gasaway

Portions of Clear Lake received significant storm damage Tuesday night, April 12, but the community was spared any tornado touchdowns.

According to the National Weather Service, there were eight confirmed tornadoes associated with the storm.  Two of those were rated as EF-2s on the scale which classifies zero as the weakest and five as the strongest.  Those were east of Bradgate and the other ran from Palmer to Gilmore City. Mitchell and Howard Counties saw three tornadoes, with two rated EF-1s and the other an EF-0. An EF-0 was also reported in Kanawha.  There was an EF-1 southwest of Rutland, and one in Mason City.

In Mason City, tornado damage occurred in southern and eastern parts of the community.  The tornado lasted six minutes, from 10:26 to 10:32 p.m., with wind speeds reaching 100 to 110 mph.

The tornado tracked 4.4 miles, from just north of the intersection of

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