Conserving energy pays big dividends for CL School District

It’s the time of the year when we all start thinking about conserving energy-- and in turn save some money.  We shut the windows up tight, and often wrap a blanket around our shoulders rather than turn up the thermostat.
    Little things like that can add up.  And in the case of the Clear Lake School District.  Little things can really add up.
    Mike Callanan has served as the school district’s energy manager since 2007.  The retired Clear Lake teacher said when he started the job

six years ago, he recognized the school district was making a commitment-- spending money to hopefully save money.  For the sixth year in a row, Callanan was happy to recently report to the School Board their investment is paying dividends. 
    Big dividends.    
    Callanan told the board how the district has avoided paying $608,000 in energy costs in the five years and four months since the program began.  That’s a 28 percent cut in energy costs.  He explains “cost avoidance” is the method used to figure savings.  The amount is determined using a baseline of energy use recorded at each school building, month by month, year by year. A software program, supplied by Energy Education, Inc., compiles the report of usage and savings, he said. 
    The school district has completed its four year formal contract with Energy Education and now costs are limited to Callanan’s salary and software upgrades.
    Callanan said he audits each of the school district’s four buildings (Sunset, Clear Creek, Middle School and High School) three to four times each week, checking to be sure things are turned off and - Read More Via e-Edition

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