CLHS Class of 2020 perseveres

Senior class challenged to face obstacles, become the next ‘greatest generation’

by Marianne Gasaway

The Class of 2020 was born in the wake of 9/11, spent their middle school years in the midst of an economic crisis and graduated as a pandemic grips the nation.  But, speakers at Sunday’s commencement ceremony suggested that is what will make them great.

“Embrace the challenge.  Be the greatest because of the challenge,” School Board member Chad Kuhlers told the graduates while noting that those who grew up in the 1918 pandemic have been called “the greatest generation.”  He urged them to get involved in their communities, rather than social media.  “Don’t be internet activists.  Participate,” he said.  He encouraged them to continue to work hard.  “You have been building the perseverance.  The power to choose is yours.”

“Adversity reveals your true character and this class certainly has had adversity,” said Superintendent Doug Gee during his time at the podium. “I hope you don’t look back and only remember the way (the school year) ended.”  Gee pointed out athletic and academic success and applauded its leadership.  “Follow your passion, your conviction and no matter what you choose to be, be the best at it.  And never, ever quit.”

Class speakers Riley Cooney, Jackson Loge and Lydia Futrell gave their classmates many reasons to smile, as well as reflect, as they highlighted some of the challenges the class faced through the years.

“Looking back to sixth grade, we should’ve

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