City will contribute to new Surf roof

by Marianne Gasaway

Clear Lake City Council members have approved a request for a $35,000 contribution to help fund the replacement of the roof of the Surf Ballroom.

Jeff Nicholas, president of the North Iowa Cultural Center and Museum (NICCM), spoke with the City Council Monday.

“We have very much appreciated the partnerships and collaborative efforts between the City of Clear Lake, Dean Snyder Family and the NICCM.  Because of these efforts, a multitude of necessary improvements to the Surf Ballroom have been possible,” stated Nicholas.  “The reality of our operation is that large restoration projects like these are not feasible without the financial and in-kind support that our organization receives from donors and our partners.”

Nicholas explained the current roof system dates back to 1994.  Annual inspections and minor repairs have been credited with the long life span of the roof, designed to last 15 years.  The rubber membrane that covers the dome of the ballroom has become very thin due to years of exposure to the elements, he said, adding that re-

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