City prepares for next batch of street repairs

(Above) The Council approved a change order which will provide for 100 percent of mortar replacement on the 1936 Sea Wall. -Reporter photo.

by Marianne Gasaway

The Clear Lake City Council approved a professional services agreement with Veenstra & Kimm Monday night in preparation for its 2022 Street Resurfacing and Sidewalk Project.  

In its fiscal year 2023 budget, the City has plotted $743,000 for a comprehensive street overlay project.  City Administrator Scott Flory noted the City has been preparing for the project by making various underground and infrastructure improvements, including the 2021 Storm Sewer and Water Main Improvement project. 

The upcoming work involves street segments which have not been resurfaced in many years.  The general scope of the project includes about one and one-half miles of roadway.  Geographically, the area is bounded by Main Avenue on the south, 7th Avenue North on the north, North 10th Street on the west, and North 20th Street on the east.

The project will include replacement of deficient curb and gutter sections, milling, patching, asphalt resurfacing and ADA compliant sidewalk ramps.  The City will also include replacement of defective sidewalk sections along the segments of the streets proposed for resurfacing.

A late-July bid letting is targeted for the project.  Improvement construction would be proposed for completion by mid to late October. 

The cost of the professional services agreement negotiated with Veenstra & 

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