Chamber appeals for funds to fill budget gap

by Marianne Gasaway

This year, more than ever, the Clear Lake Area Chamber of Commerce has been an advocate for its member businesses and the community as a whole.  Now, it’s time to support the supporters.

"The Chamber team rallied Clear Lake around our small businesses when the pandemic hit, and we need to rally around them now. - Diana Symonds, past-chair"

The Chamber of Commerce is kicking off a capital campaign this week in an effort to continue to fund its operations.

“The Chamber not only relies on events to draw tourists to Clear Lake, but they also rely on events to produce a significant portion of their annual operating budget,” explained Chamber Board President Dan Nichols. Cancellation of signature events, such as the five-day Fourth of July celebration, has had a significant impact.

According to Executive Director Stacy Doughan, cancellation of the Fourth of July celebration resulted in a loss of $43,000 in carnival and Bingo proceeds for the Chamber.  The organization’s second largest event, Harvest Festival, will likely happen in some fashion, but it will not be the large-scale draw it usually is.

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