A recycling reboot

(Above) Nelson Crabb and Lisa (Jacobson) Riggin re-live a memory from 1971.

by Marianne Gasaway

Here’s a newspaper recycling story of a different sort.  

In preparation for Earth Day coverage, one of our own— Mirror-Reporter Administrative Assistant Lisa (Jacobson) Riggin, shared her memories of celebrating Earth Day as a Clear Lake eighth grader.

Clear Lake Junior High School missed out on the first Earth Day, but in 1971 the teaching staff and students were all in to make the world a better place.  There were poster contests, class competitions to collect aluminum cans, and plenty of opportunities to improve the environment, including the suggestion that teachers should ride their bicycles to school rather than drive.  And the proof was in the newspaper that they did!

During the week of April 19, 1971 seventh and eighth graders collected a total of 62,810 aluminum cans.  Miss Myli’s class earned top honors and bragging rights with 12,677 cans.  Mr. Winter’s class was a close second with 10,653, followed by Mr. Crabb’s homeroom with 7,091.

Ironically, the “save the earth” effort proved to be futile.

The student newspaper, “The Paper Lion,” reported:  “The next 

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