50 Years Ago July 1965

Total deposits in Clear Lake’s two banks, Community National Bank and Clear Lake Bank and Trust, and in the Clear Lake Federal Savings and Loan amounted to more than $15,000,000 in reports as of June 30.  This is an increase of $1,596,564.02 in total assets over a year ago.

The Cobblestone Players are presenting John Patrick’s comedy, “Everybody Loves Opal.”

The “new” makeup trend for women calls for an emphasis on the eyes.  The cheeks now lack the rogue of yesteryear and the lips will be pale instead of bright red.  All this to concentrate on the eyes.

Grocery specials for the week at Easter’s Super Valu include:  Hunt’s Yellow Peaches, no. 2 1/2 can, 25¢; Flav-O-Rite Ice Cream, 1/2 gallon, 39¢; round steak, lb., 75¢; Armours Sliced Bacon, lb., 49¢; and new red potatoes, 10 lbs.,

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